The history of the course

The Digital Product Consultancy was created to bring training and consultant Product Management services to UK businesses that were introducing or growing their digital product teams and focus.

Initially, the training that formed the basis for these courses had been created "in the field" to help train new Product Managers joining a large team. It proved to be something that many companies were crying out for, as Product Management became more and more important in their structure.

The evolution of the course

The course was adapted and improved as time went on, and it became the foundation of our consultancy, as we provided it in person to some of the most well-known companies in the UK.

But we wanted to reach more people who didn't have access to large company training budgets and facilities, and so we decided to take our Product Management course online.

You can now access this world class Product Management training from your home or on the move, anywhere in the world - wherever you have an internet connection and some time to dedicate to your career!

"Product Management is one of the most interesting and enjoyable career paths you will find. I'm delighted that our training is helping more and more people get started and progress in their career!"

- Kenny McQuarrie, Creator, The Product Management Course